Calculator image Glucose Management Indicator (GMI)GMI indicates the average A1C level that would be expected based on mean glucose measured in a large number of individuals with diabetes. Mean glucose ideally is derived from at least 14 days of CGM data. The GMI may be similar to, higher than, or lower than the laboratory A1C. Differences between the GMI and laboratory measured A1C may reflect differences among individuals in the lifespan of red blood cells or how glucose binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells or could occur do to a recent, short term fluctuation in glucose control.

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Formula to calculate GMI:
GMI(%) = 3.31 + 0.02392 x [mean glucose in mg/dL]
GMI(mmol/mol) = 12.71 + 4.70587 x [mean glucose in mmol/L]

The formula to calculate GMI and the studies on which it is based are described in the following publication:
Bergenstal RM, Beck RW, Close KL. Glucose management indicator (GMI): A new term for estimating A1C from continuous glucose monitoring. Diabetes Care 2018: 41:2275-2280.